Duquesa, Gibraltar and Malaga car rental terms

The Gibraltar and Malaga rental car price includes our Super Zero Risk Package as below:

  • Full accident, fire and theft insurance with NO EXCESS.
  • Third party liability
  • Courtesy car (depending on availability and circumstances leading to accident)
  • Damages to the interior of the vehicle
  • Unlimited mileage within the autonomos region of Andalucia
  • VAT.
  • 24 hrs road assistance service.
  • 24 hrs tow truck service.
  • Taxi to destination (after accident or breakdown)
  • Child seats (baby or booster seats must be fitted by parent/guardian).
  • Extra drivers.
  • Out of hours airport pick up (pre booked cars only).
  • Out of hours airport drop off.
  • One way fee if longer than 7 days, e.g. pick up Gibraltar drop off Malaga
  • Damages to windows.
  • Damages to side mirrors.
  • Damages to wheel rims.
  • Damages to locks.
  • Damages to tyres. (If unfortunate and a puncture happens the client must change to the spare and notify us.)
  • Handling of fines.
  • Fueling fee.

The rental price does not include

  • Fuel (return with the same amount of fuel as when picked up).
  • One way fee, 30€ per rental, if less than 7 days.
  • Traffic fines (pay the fine on the spot and get a 50% discount), lost or broken keys, error of fuel and costs involved.

General information

  • No deposit on credit card and no cancellation fee.
  • Visa and Mastercard accepted.
  • The driver has to be minimum 21 years and have a valid licence for 1 year.
  • Personal belongings inside the car are not covered by the insurance.
  • Hire cars are not allowed to be driven outside Andalucia. Exception for Gibraltar where they are allowed.
  • Please keep the time stated for return of the rented vehicle. When making the booking a 2 hour grace period is granted on return of car. If more one extra day is charged.